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  • You may be eligible for a 100 percent discharge of your federal student loans when you enroll in Edevate’s MicroDegree program*
  • Earn your MicroDegree for only $299 in as little as 3-12 months!
  • Use your prior learning to qualify for up to 75% of a MicroDegree!

What’s a MicroDegree?

The MicroDegree certifies the student has completed 1,000 hours of education, training & experience in a designated professional field.

Competency based assessments ensure fluency in a skilled occupation.

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What MicroDegrees does
Edevate University offer?

Career-specific training for a better job!

Accounting - Learn how to read, prepare and analyze financial statements and the effects of common business transactions.

Business & Entrepreneurship Develop - a business idea, identify the market, write a business plan, and launch your enterprise!

Certified Nursing Assistant - Learn how to help patients with their healthcare needs and get prepared for the CNA exam.

Conflict Resolution - Learn how to defuse, understand and mediate workplace issues.

Cybersecurity - Learn how to analyze cyber threats and protect sensitive information online.

Data Management - Learn how to model data, data quality management and how to protect sensitive data.

English as a Foreign Language- This program will provide Spanish-speaking students with the knowledge and experience necessary to effectively learn English online from their own country at their own pace.

Engineering - Learn the application of scientific knowledge to solve real world problems in new and exciting ways.

Health and Science - Learn safety measures, human anatomy, health care providers, systems and professional skills.

Paratechnical – Learn solid IT skills and how to solve, research and effectively manage IT issues.

Python - Learning how to program in Python, computer science basics and coding proficiency. Python is used by sites like Google, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram and Dropbox.

Sales and Marketing - Learn the entire customer engagement process from prospecting and nurturing leads, to closing the sale.

Supply Chain Management - Learn everything from the basics to operational, tactical and strategic aspects of managing a supply chain.

Plus, new MicroDegrees are added EVERY MONTH!

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*The MicroDegree program uses Prior Learning Assessment to determine the number of MicroCredits a student needs to complete to be awarded a MicroDegree. Since no academic credits are being transferred, students who are accepted into the MicroDegree program would not be disqualified from the loan discharge requirements due to a transfer of credit. Full details are available on the Department of Education’s website